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10 Serious Cons of Using Google Translator for Translation

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Google Language Translator may be regarded by some as a revolutionary tool but experts say it can’t rival human translators when it comes to achieving perfectness and accuracy in the documents.

It is true that Google translator ensures super fast translation than Indian Language Translation Services, and it has the ability to translate in more than 100 languages, but it has some inherent cons that can damage the reputation of your business in the market.

Read on the below-given cons of the Google Translator and know why its excessive use can kill your brand.

1. Since Google Translator is a robotic tool it can never convey all meanings accurately. It picks up the denotative meaning of the phrases and translates them accordingly. Sometimes it outputs translations which carry no meaning at all.

2. The users who prefer Google Translator over Indian language translation services lack control over the quality of the documents. Hence the translator doesn’t guarantees good translation or meet the requirement.

3. Moreover, Google Translator don’t guarantee the safety and security of your data. Uploading your text to Google Translator means you are actually giving it access to your confidential data. Your confidential data through this faceless tech giant can be used by Google for marketing and other purposes.

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4. A machine like Google translator is not a human hence it has not the ability to capture the mood of a text or the underlying context to address a particular audience. Only the qualified and experienced human translators have the ability to translate a complex text with greater precision and provide quality Indian language translation services. They bear a deep understanding of the language and know tips and tricks to translate lengthy documents.

5. The Direct translation via Google Translator often results in literal translations. On the other hand, the human translators use all their expertise, experience, and knowledge to ensure quality translations. After translating the document, then it is handed over to a proofreader to check the typos.

6. There are just hundred languages like Spanish Language Translation in the database of the Google Translator so translations for other languages are less likely to be accurate. As far as the translation through Google Translator is considered, more accuracy can be expected in the case of common languages such as English and Spanish. In case of Indian language translation services, you can expect that precision and accuracy in the translated documents.

7. Translations via Google Translator often contain serious grammatical errors since this tool doesn’t have a system to correct grammatical errors. And also there is no way of reporting errors so that the grammatical mistakes can be avoided in the future. Its language pair frequency method doesn’t take into account any grammatical rule.

8. Since Google Translator is a cloud tool, you will always require an active internet connection to translate documents. So you can’t rely on Google Translator for translation of documents in the situation of emergency. Imagine what would happen, your deadline is about to end and the internet server goes down. You can’t do anything even if your project is in a rush.

9. You can’t use Google Translator to translate your website content because it often produces a literal translation that causes misunderstanding. The hilarious literal translation causes huge embarrassment to the brand. So for more accurate translations, you should consider website localization. Remember with creative or literature documents, the human brain is the more accurate choice than Google Translator for Indian language translation services.

10. Translation via Google translator can of course increase the translation speed and reduce costs as well as need to translation company, however, it can’t guarantee the security of your confidential information. Only a language translation agency which is offering its patrons non-disclosure agreement can guarantee the security of confidential information to protect your translated documents

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Bottom Line

From the above information, it has now become clear that Google Translator is a useful tool in only certain conditions. It can be used to translate short sentences and more common phrases. However If you will try it to use it for translating more complex documents, words, phrases, and jargons, you will risk the image and reputation of your business.

Hence it is not considered a wise decision to use Google translator in the lengthy business translations. It is even considered dangerous to use it to translate certificates such as DOB, and marriage certificates.

The crux is Google Translator can’t become a substitute for the Indian language translation services because inaccuracy is its biggest flaw and it can’t understand each and every context of the language.

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