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A Brief Introduction To Language Translation And Transcription And Their Relevance In Today’s World

Language translation can simply be defined as the interpretation of text in contents of a source material from one language to another. On the other hand transcription refers to the conversion of the contents of an audio or video file into text in the desired language.

From the viewpoint of customer satisfaction and retention, the importance of language translation and transcription services is imperative. The need of these services become even more indispensable if the services of an organization spread to countries across the border. The revenue generation from sales completely depends on the preciseness of the message that is being conveyed on behalf of the brand. Also, a website that offers its text in the local language of its customer would attract him more than the one in a different language. And, if you do not take care of customers then someone else will!

The subtitles in a video of a movie or a song are also work of translation. In fact not only these, we receive a lot of information in video and audio forms very frequently. Transcription services give an individual easy accessibility to the content in video or audio files of corporate presentations, research outcomes, university lectures, etc.

transcription services

Translation services in India are gaining recognition as more and more people are understanding the need to go global. Music and movies manage to transcend to different regions in India owing to how effectively they are translated to mirror the regional language and sentiments. Watching world news would be of no use until the media houses hire translation services in Indiato get their content translated into local languages.

Following are the few types of transcription services: Academic transcription, Conference Transcription, Focus group transcription, Market Research Transcription, Multilingual Transcription, Online Transcription, etc. Basically, anyone that has a decent typing speed along with excellent listening skills can give transcription a shot.

Not to mention, the conjugation of translation and technical translation services are of utmost importance to the multinational companies based in India. In fact, there might be no one that understands the importance of these two services better than anyone else does. It often happens that they are required to collect or share data to their employees based out in the offices located in different locations across the world. Hence, they make sure that the data which is being shared is translated effectively to and fro. In the cases where they need to negotiate with international governments for tie-ups with local companies in different countries, translation services prove to be of utmost importance.

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