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Technical Translation Tips for the Technical Translator

The numbers of software development, training institutes and manufacturing companies in India have increased by a significant number in the last two decades.

Earlier there were a very few software companies in India. They were mostly concentrated in Bangalore. Now there are Software Development and Designing companies present at every nook and corner in India.

The mushrooming of Software Development and Manufacturing companies in India has, in turn, increased the significance of technical translation services in India.

Businesses need translation services in Delhi to translate product manuals, brochures, whitepapers, and product descriptions in the languages their clients understand.

Technical Translation Services

9 Most Useful Tips For Technical Writers And Translators

Handling technical translation services is different from translating other documents. Technical translators should be familiar with very specific technical terminology to make their technical documents strong and comprehensible.

Here are 9 most useful tips for technical writers and translators;

1. Technical translators should understand the requirements for technical translation services.

2. Keep your work up to the point and write clear English. Your sentences should be short to keep your technical translations concise and accurate.

3. If you are feeling any kind of difficulty you can ask for reference materials so that you have a very clear idea of the style and tone of the business of your client.

4. Keep your files organized- it is important to label files correctly to make it easy to identify files. You will be able to send files in their original format and your turnaround time will be quicker.

5. Your translation memory serves as a linguistic database that leverages your translation work via the use of relevant technical terminology to maintain consistency in the translated documents.

6. Translation memory makes it easy to translate files line by line and with each line reviewed clearly. Translation memory helps technical translators use previously translated terms specific to their translations.The technical translators can use same key terms across all similar products.

7. To understand the context, it is always advisable to use reference files. The perfect approach will be checking online resources, online applications, tutorial and other stuff.

8. Technical translation companies should make it mandatory for their translators to undergo training on the products.

9. And once a Technical translator is finished with translating documents, the senior members of his/her team should conduct linguistic quality assurance to ensure the accuracy of the translation.


Technical translation services in Delhi is an area of translation work that requires very diligent work. It is different from other translation works because inconsistency or errors can lead to misunderstanding of products, malfunctioned or product damages. So always choose terms carefully to translate the technical jargon. The final copy should fit the required length and should contain no truncation.

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