Consecutive Interpretaion

Consecutive Interpretaion

In this type of interpretation, speaker takes a pause after finishing each line and this break is utilized by interpreter to translate and communicate the translated version of speech to audience. In this way, the speech is divided into several segments and interpreter sits or stands beside the speaker of source language. The interpreter carefully listens to the message and if possible then notes it down…

Consecutive interpretation allows audience to understand the presented matter not immediately but after a period of time in a summarized way. This is an effective way as pauses of speaker let the interpreter translate the exact meanings of source language. Such interpreters are useful in conferences where one needs to maintain certain decorum. Consecutive interpreters provided by Winsome Translators are well versed in different languages and streams and have years of experience that will add to your knowledge.

Such type of interpretation is found beneficial during the court hearings, legal depositions, negotiations, medical appointments, business meetings, tours, informal meetings and social occasions. Also, this interpretation has now become a reasonable and readily accessible language resource.

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