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Significance of Language Localization Services in the Modern World

Language Localization services

In the age of digitalization, international companies are using language localization services to cater to the indigenous languages and crack into the local markets. The language localization services have made it easy for the multinational companies in to communicate with their potential customers instantly.

As a result, their relationship with their potential customers has improved significantly and it has made their businesses more profitable. You may have observed that famous smartphone companies such as Samsung, Gionee, Intex, and Lava etc. have outfitted their gadgets with keypads that support almost all official Indian languages. It is the part of the language localisation services provided by a translation company.

Nowadays maximum smartphone applications, computers, and websites holders are providing native language options on their websites to increase the reach of their products and services.

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What Are Website Localization Services?

Website localisation is a part of language translation services provided by a Translation company that makes the content on your business site adaptable for local or regional consumption. It modifies source language and other site elements to address customer’s cultural and traditional preferences.

Your website may contain technical information, user-generated forum content, legal copy marketing copy and more. It is always advisable to map these contents to the aptest translation that suits local needs and requirements.

Benefits Of website Localization Services For Multinational Companies

Language localisation service provided by a language translation agency is the first step in today’s world that a global company should take to penetrate into the Indian market that is worth billions.

Some of the advantages of the Language localisation services provided by a translation company are as follows:

  1. The use of language localisation services by multinational companies in India have opened up new frontiers for their businesses.
  2. It has been the reason why bigger global companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have successfully tapped into the profitable market of India where the growing working class is ready to spend their hard earned money on their quality products and services.

  3. Language localisation services of a Translation company address every obstacle of language which emerges as a challenge for any establishing business which is looking to cater any non- English speaking populations of India.

  4. International companies which have well-localized websites and smartphone applications can keep their end users happier than the ones who don’t utilize language localisation services.

  5. After all, customers are hungry for a friendlier experience. They will love to purchase products from a company that offers quality products and services.

  6. The international companies whose competitors in the market are already making use of technical translation services of a Language Translation agency can’t afford to ignore language localization services. And in case their competitors are not yet using it then they can make use language localisation services to gain a tangible competitive advantage in the market.

  7. In today’s world, there is perhaps not a better way than the language localisation services for a business to represent a visible commitment to their international customers. When they will login to your website and will see it is present in their native language that will at once change their impression. They will understand your services clearly. And they will feel comfortable and secure while dealing with your web page.

  8. The language localisation services will create a sharp image of your business both in the local as well as in the international market. The language localisation services will quickly address the needs of their different market bases.

  9. The language localisation service of a translation company is the simple but the most potent procedure to localize your products and services in the international markets and increases your sale and profit. It is obvious a customer will prefer to buy a product that they can use correctly. It helps business attain an unattainable level of market penetration.

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Elements of a Language localization service

Language localisation is the process by which you adapt your product or service to a given locale. The aim is to provide your content or product with the feeling as if it is for their target audience. Certified translation services involves following elements

1. Modifying your graphics to fit the regional market

2. Adjusting the layout of the content

3. Adding support for local currency

4. Changing date formats, and phone numbers etc.

5. Comply with local regulations

Importance of Language Localization services in India

Multinational companies around the Globe view India as one of the most potential markets where future growth is likely to emerge. The increasing disposable income and the growing population has made India one of the most popular global markets in the recent years.

The improvement in the disposable income has increased the purchasing power of average Indian. According to a recent survey, the electronics market In India is expected to rise to US$ 100 billion from US$ 28 billion in FY17 to 2020.

But for global businesses to penetrate in the Indian market is not that easy. There is a great diversity found in Indian languages. The people in India speak more than 700 languages out of which 22 are official, and a sizable population has spoken 150 languages.


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