Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

In such type of interpretation, interpreter has to form the message of source language into another language right at the time speaker is speaking. The speaker doesn’t wait for translators to translate his or her speech. The speaker keeps on speech continuously. The translated version is not heard by speaker so he or she doesn’t get disturbed by the sound.

During the simultaneous interpretation, interpreter stays in a soundproof booth so that speech of speaker doesn’t get interrupted. The interpreter wears a microphone to hear the sound of speaker. In the mean time, interpreter translates the speech in desired languages into microphone so that people who do not understand the language of speaker; they can also make senses. The translated version of speech is often heard on headphones by guests.  Simultaneous Interpretation is generally used in large gathering, seminars and international summits.

Winsome Translators Pvt. Ltd has a largest panel of bilingual translators providing simultaneous interpretation in different fields. They all are highly competent to translate spoken words, sentences and phrases immediately and accurately to facilitate communication. We provide these service for conferences, gatherings, seminars and get-together where people from different countries come together to explore business opportunities.

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