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“Use Winsome Translators exclusively for superior and reasonably priced rentals of Bosch simultaneous interpretation equipment and services.”

One of the best and most reasonably priced companies offering simultaneous interpretation services in India and outside is Winsome Translators. In order to manage all types of multilingual conferences and events, where simultaneous interpretation is essential to the success of any event, we have a reputation for providing the highest calibre solutions with a high degree of innovation.

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Equipment for interpreting provided by Winsome Translators.

Winsome Translators guarantees that its services and solutions are based on the most appropriate interpretation systems and equipment available from top global manufacturers. These high-end items, such as interpreting microphones, soundproof booths with ISO certification, or cutting-edge simultaneous interpretation systems, are quite simple to install and connect.

ISO Interpretation Booths.

Winsome Translators offers the best simultaneous interpretation booths and soundproof booths available on the market. All kinds of conference systems can use the simultaneous interpretation system, which was expertly created by Audiopack and meets multiple quality criteria. Winsome Translators provides simultaneous translation services, conference interpretation, and simultaneous translation equipment rental.

The full-size simultaneous translation booth satisfies all ISO standards and criteria while being soundproof. Any kind of room configuration is possible because to the replaceable wall panels. With the addition of panels, booths can be expanded to hold more interpreters.

Our interpreters work in a relaxed and polished atmosphere thanks to these expertly built booths. Some of the design elements used to enhance the interpreters' normally difficult working circumstances include ventilation systems, enough workspace, and outlets for electricity, lighting, and cabling.

Silent Part Headphones.

A new trend in the entertainment industry, silent parties were created in response to a government legislation that prohibited loud music and discos after 11 p.m. The government's new ordinance, which prohibited loud music, turned the entire disco scene into something very dull. However, with the aid of this newly developed technology, individuals are able to continue their parties and midnight revelry in the disco in a lawful and non-violent manner. This is made possible by Silent Party Headphones.
Since Winsome Translators is aware of the current demands, it is presenting to you its newest offering, the Silent Party Headphones. It is made up of two devices: a tiny music broadcaster and a wireless stereo headset. You can enjoy and have as much fun as you want in the loud disco music with silent party headphones without disturbing others or violating any laws. The music being played on the 3 Channel Silent Disco Headphones and the outside noise can be separated by these incredibly cosy and secure party headphones.